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Depiction at SEA-PAC

George at SEA-PACWe had a great time at the SEA-PAC amateur radio convention this weekend. We met a great many fantastic new users, reconnected with some longtime friends of Depiction, and met quite a few folks who aren’t users yet, but who will be soon!

One of the highlights of the convention, for me, anyway, was the presentation by Gary Takis, K7GJT/NNN0KUL, about using Depiction with the Winlink2000 system. This is a fantastic way to extend the collaboration capabilities of Depiction, and I’m very pleased that Gary has made his presentationavailable to download.

We also made a special announcement at SEA-PAC, that I’m not going to share online just yet–but stay tuned!

Headed to SEA-PAC

Tomorrow morning we head down to Seaside, Oregon for SEA-PAC, the largest amateur radio convention in the Northwest. On Saturday, I’ll be giving a presentation on Depiction–doing a general overview for folks who have never seen it before, going over some of the latest features of the software for those who haven’t seen it recently, as well as sharing stories from amateur radio operators across the country who are bringing Depiction into emergency operations centers as an emcomm tool. I’ll also be joined by Gary Takis, K7GJT, who will demonstrate using Depiction with the Winlink2000/Paclink system. There will also be a special announcement made at the convention.

I enjoy going to these amateur radio conventions, largely because it is very exciting to be able to provide cutting edge technology–with capabilities typically reserved for professionals working for large organizations–to everyday folks who care about their communities.

If you’re attending, be sure to stop by our booth!

Two ways to use Depiction over RF

There are two very cool recent developments that enable Amateur Radio users to send and receive data to and from copies of Depiction, without touching the Internet

First, the APRS Live add-on, which allows APRS packet information received over RF via your radio and TNC to be displayed in Depiction, is now in its second beta and will be released in May. The add-on, built by a third-party developer, will cost $39.95, but you can pre-order it today for only $34.95. Click here to download the brochure (pdf) and learn more. If you are currently enrolled in the beta for APRS Live, there is no need to pre-order, but please do spread the word!

Second, Depiction user Gary Takis has put together a document that outlines the steps for using Depiction’s Live Reports feature with the global Winlink2000 (WL2K) system and the Paclink interface client program, allowing users to send and receive map elements and alerts without Internet access. Click here to download Gary’s document (pdf).