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March 24th Webinar recording now available online.

The March 24th webinar covering the Add, Display and Manage menu options is now available here.

Video of January 27th Webinar now available online.

The recording of the January 27th webinar on Depiction Basics and Tips on use is now available and can be found here.

Video of Depiction Webinar by Michael Craig of Pemstar now available.

This webinar was about how Michael Craig used Depiction more than mapping software during the planning for and as a common operating picture and situational awareness tool to support the New Jersey MACC for the SuperBowl 48. You can watch it here.

February 25th Webinar Recording Now Available

If you missed the Depiction 101 session “Getting Started with Depiction – the Basics” you can now watch the recording on our website. You will find it here.

This webinar covered the following topics.

  • How to find info on the Depiction website,
  • Discussion of Add-ons/ Elements/Icons
  • How to ask for assistance or report a problem
  • Review some of the add-ons and icon packs that are available
  • How to download and install the software
  • How to find free data on the internet
  • Discuss some key concepts
  • How to start a depiction and add information to it.
  • Tips, Techniques and Best Practices when using Depiction

Red Cross Webinar now online.

The repeat webinar we did for Red Cross Chapters is now available online. Watch on our website or watch it on YouTube.  This showcases the capabilities of Depiction More than Mapping software.

April 24th Webinar Video Now Available

In case you missed the April 24th webinar presented by Russ Deffner on using DepictionPrep and Depiction for personal and family preparedness, the recording is now available on our website and can be found here.

New Webinar replay posted – An Introduction to Depiction

In our monthly Depiction Webinar on January 23rd, 2013, Russell Deffner gave a great presentation covering the following topics:

  • What is Depicton?
  • Navigting the Website
  • Exploring the application
  • Building your first depiction
  • Simulation and collaboration

It was a great introduction to Depiction and so if you missed it please check it out.  If you are new to Depiction it is a great basic overview.

You can view it here.

New Webinar Videos now online

Videos of our November 28th and December 5th webinars are now available on our web site. The November 28th webinar covered Depiction and OpenStreetMaps and the December 5th covered how to download higher resolution elevation data form the National Maps website.

101 Webinars

The last three webinars have now been posted to the website.

I finally figures out what I was doing wrong and was now able to post the last three webinars to the website.  These covered:

  • Tabletop Exercises
  • What’s new in Depiction version 1.4
  • Water Simulation Elements

You can find them here.

March 28th Webinar and 1.4 Release Date

So we are frantically trying to get version 1.4 ready for release. We keep finding little problems or new ideas that keep pushing the release date out. At the moment we are shooting for the afternoon of March 28th. Which makes the topic “What’s new in release 1.4″ perfect for the Webinar on the 28th. Once we have it nailed down for sure I will make another post.