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Video of January 27th Webinar now available online.

The recording of the January 27th webinar on Depiction Basics and Tips on use is now available and can be found here.

Video of Depiction Webinar by Michael Craig of Pemstar now available.

This webinar was about how Michael Craig used Depiction more than mapping software during the planning for and as a common operating picture and situational awareness tool to support the New Jersey MACC for the SuperBowl 48. You can watch it here.

February 25th Webinar Recording Now Available

If you missed the Depiction 101 session “Getting Started with Depiction – the Basics” you can now watch the recording on our website. You will find it here.

This webinar covered the following topics.

  • How to find info on the Depiction website,
  • Discussion of Add-ons/ Elements/Icons
  • How to ask for assistance or report a problem
  • Review some of the add-ons and icon packs that are available
  • How to download and install the software
  • How to find free data on the internet
  • Discuss some key concepts
  • How to start a depiction and add information to it.
  • Tips, Techniques and Best Practices when using Depiction

Red Cross Webinar now online.

The repeat webinar we did for Red Cross Chapters is now available online. Watch on our website or watch it on YouTube.  This showcases the capabilities of Depiction More than Mapping software.

Mapping Hurricane Irene

YouTube Preview Image
Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the US East Coast, and there a lot of places around the Web where you can track its progress. If you need something that will still be available offline, or you want to be able to integrate your own data along with information about the hurricane, then Depiction is the tool for you. The above video goes over the steps for bringing in the latest satellite imagery and path predictions for Irene.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Create a new depiction that encompasses most or all of the US East Coast. Don’t worry about the warning about the depiction size–just don’t try to bring in road networks or elevation at this level.
  • Go to the add menu, select Web Services, and then select WMS from the dropdown menu.
  • Put this URL in the text bar and click Show Content:
  • In the Content list, scroll down to the GOES Visible Image. Select that, choose Auto-detect from the element list and click Add.
  • This will load the latest satellite image of the region into your depictio and put it into a revealer.
  • You will probably want to size your revealer to cover your entire region, then turn its transparency up to the maximum and lock it in place.
  • To get the latest hurricane projections, go to and click on the “Hurricane IRENE .shp” link to download a zip file.
  • Unzip the file to your computer, then, one at a time, drag and drop the files that end in “5day_pgn.shp”, “5day_lin.shp” and “5day_pts.shp”, adding each of them as ‘Auto-detect’.
  • These will bring in the projected path, the ‘cone of uncertainty’ and key points along the path.
  • If you want to use the hurricane icon for the points that I used in the video, it’s available in the Homeland Security Natural Events icon pack–or you can use any other image you may have or want.
  • Key properties for the points are DATEBL, which gives the time for the projection, TCDVLP, or what type of storm is projected to be present at the time (hurricane vs. major hurricane vs. tropical storm, etc.), SSNUM which, I believe, refers to the category (or strength) of the hurricane, and MAXWIND, which gives the highest projected 1-minute average wind at that point.

      You can now explore the data that you’ve imported, or add your own data (spreadsheets, images, other shapefiles, etc.), either to satisfy your curiosity, or to make plans in regards to how you are going to respond to the storm.

Depicting Fukushima Video

Tim posted a new video on YouTube, discussing his depiction of the Fukushima Daiichi plant issues.YouTube Preview Image

This is a powerful use of our software, I must say. Please comment or contact us if you have any questions.

Depiction 101: Interaction Rules Video Podcast

Interaction rules power the simulation environment Depiction provides. With these customizable cause-and-affect rules, users can create a wide variety of potential scenarios and have a very good idea of effects on their community. Watch this recorded session to learn the basics of using this unique feature of Depiction.

My outline is available for viewing and printing in our knowledgebase as well.

Depiction 101: Simulation Elements Video

Simulation elements set Depiction apart from most other mapping applications. With these customizable elements, users can explore a wide variety of potential scenarios and have a very good idea of effects on their community. Watch this video to learn the basics of using these unique pieces of Depiction.

Depiction 101 Video Podcast: Live Reports

Here’s the latest Depiction 101 on using Live Reports. We’re working to get this posted as a podcast: please let us know what you think.

Latest Videos: Saving the Smithsonian & the Fourmile Fire

YouTube Preview Image

We put this one up a while ago, but I have neglected to put it on the blog until now. And while I’m at it, here’s the video from today’s very useful webinar “Depicting the Fourmile Fire”. Lots of very practical tips and tricks on how to creatively obtain or create visualizations for disasters–and potentially other events as well.