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Mapping Employees with Depiction

The Small Business Add-on is an easy way to get started using Depiction for business purposes, from strategic planning to business continuity and more. We’ve put together a new tutorial on how to use the Small Business Add-on to map employees–though you can follow the same instructions to map employees without the add-on, or to map anything in a spreadsheet, not just employees!
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New Census data tutorial

The 2010 census has made a huge amount of demographic information available.
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See more mapping tutorials at the Depiction website.

Three New Tutorial Videos

The tireless Kim Buike has put together three new tutorial videos that are really excellent–if you own the software, you really should take the time to watch these, as it will enhance your understanding of the software even if you’ve used it for a while. If you don’t own Depiction, you should still take a look–they give a good demonstration of Depiction’s powerful capabilities.

First up is “Depiction Elements Explained,” which goes through the different types of elements that make up a depiction.

“Route Elements Explained” gives a great overview of the way Depiction route elements function.

Finally, “Elevation Data Retrieval” outlines how you can easily retrieve high resolution elevation data from the USGS website and import it into Depiction.

New Getting Started Tutorial

Our Getting Started tutorial has been out of date for some time–but now we’re ahead of the game! Watch the above video to see how to get started using Depiction, and to get a sneak preview of the new version being released very soon.