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New Getting Started with Depiction Webinar announced for Tuesday Feb 25th at noon PST/3pm EST

Please join us on Tuesday February 25th, 2014 at Noon PST/3pm EST for another informative Depiction 101 webinar. Please note the new day of the week and time. With all of the new Red Cross users, we thought this would be a good time to go over some of the Depiction basics again. This will be a great webinar for those new to Depiction and will go over some key concepts and tips on how to best use Depiction and its many features.

Red Cross Webinar now online.

The repeat webinar we did for Red Cross Chapters is now available online. Watch on our website or watch it on YouTube.  This showcases the capabilities of Depiction More than Mapping software.

Depiction Announces Free Software to Red Cross Chapters

This week we announced that we were offering 3 free copies of our Depiction 1.4.3 mapping software along with the Preparedness Add-on  a $660 value to every Red Cross Chapter in the world.  All they have to do is send us an email requesting the software from an official Red Cross email address and information about the chapter they are from and we will send them a coupon code.  We think our software is a great fit for the great work the Red Cross does and realized that because of budget restraints they weren’t always able to take advantage of it. So we decided as a public service we would make this contribution to the Red Cross to help them better serve their communities.  Send your request to

Depiction Donates $15,000 worth of software to the Red Cross – Press Release

Depiction Inc., an Everett-based software firm, has donated 500 software licenses valued at $15,000 for its Depiction Prep software in support of the American Red Cross’s “Safe In The Sound” program.  The software will in turn be donated to interested non-profit organizations who participate in Red Cross’s preparedness outreach program “Safe in the Sound”. Eligible organization include:  non-profit organizations dealing with vulnerable populations, organizations that serve senior citizens, churches, schools, and other similar organizations who participate in Red Cross community disaster education programs.

Depiction software allows anyone to plan, prepare, and respond to disasters and other events that might otherwise impact employees and the company’s ability to stay in business. It allows businesses, schools and non-profits to develop their own disaster plans—a critical need in the face of almost any crisis situation.

“We’re extremely pleased to partner with Depiction,” said Red Cross Regional Executive Chuck Morrison. “Having these licenses will allow us to help local groups prepare to handle flooding, earthquakes, fires, and other major disasters – almost any emergency likely to strike this region.”

The software will help organizations:

  • Put together an emergency kit
  • Track the kit digitally; stock it with detailed area preparedness maps, food and water.
  • Make a plan
  • Determine where to meet if you can’t get home;
  • Determine the best route between home, school and work if the major roads are blocked
  • Stay informed
  • See the potential hazards in your area, and play ‘what if?’ with possible disasters and scenarios.
  • Become involved
  • Put together a map your neighborhood preparedness training.

Snohomish County organizations interested in discussing their need for a license to use this software should send an email to Chuck Morrison (

February 22, 2012 Webinar

Russell Deffner(Depiction Preferred Consultant and Depiction University Instructor) will be presenting the next Depiction 101 Webinar on February 22nd and 9:00am PST/Noon EST. Below is Russell’s description of what he is going to be covering.

A Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is an excellent way to go through the motions of an event that is not part of your typical routine or just difficult or expensive to replicate.  I have personally participated in many TTX.  Some very good, some not so much; in my opinion the relative success of a TTX is how absorbed I get in the scenario.  If I can picture myself in the moment, making those decisions, then afterward I feel better prepared for the real thing.  However, in many of the TTX I’ve participated in, I find myself just reading verbatim or regurgitating the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the organization.  This, in turn, leaves me feeling like in the heat of the moment I’ll be in pretty bad shape if I don’t have time to open up the manual, leaving me discouraged or thinking how unrealistic that exercise was.

There are lots of factors to why a TTX is successful or not, or how much the participants will take away from the exercise.  In my experience one common thing that is lacking in the not so successful exercises is a good visual component.  As humans, we can gather and process more information from a picture than the same scene described in text.  During this webinar I will demonstrate some of the things Depiction can do to add a good visual component (and more) to your next Tabletop Exercise.

Depiction Workshop at State of the Map 2011 in Denver

State of the Map is OpenStreetMap’s annual international conference and we’re super excited to be a part of this year’s event held in Denver, September 9-11!

Join our Preferred Consultant, Russell Deffner on Friday, September 9th at 11:50am for a 40 minute workshop introduction to OpenStreetMap and Depiction. Hurricane Coast, VP of Sales and Marketing, and avid OpensStreetMapper will be there too!

We’ll work with the audience to create ‘what if’ simulations, table top exercises and demo new tools available with the latest release! Tickets are almost sold out, so be sure to register soon!

The entire weekend is chock full of fun map related events, talks and workshops with over 250 attendees from around the world. Check out the schedule for September 9-11.

OpenStreetMap is an integral part of Depiction. Using free, open source software is vital to our business. Plus, OpenStreetMap data is the most current, up-to-date available for both vector and road data. Come join us at the greatest gathering of open source map enthusiasts and learn how it can benefit your business or cause!

See you in Denver!

Upcoming Webinars

Tomorrow we’re doing a special webinar exclusively for Red Cross staff and volunteers. I’ve just been doing a little work on it with Kim Buike, our webinar guru, and I’m excited about it–it’s going to be very good. If you work with the Red Cross in any capacity, whether on staff or as a volunteer, you really should check out this webinar. Register here.

Also, on April 7, we’re going to be doing a webinar for the CrisisMappers group. This is a loose group of a few hundred GIS techs, aid workers and others who have come together to do some amazing mapping work when crises hit. Their work following the earthquake in Haiti was remarkable, making enormous amounts of resources available very quickly. We’re proud to be addressing the group. Click here to both register and see previous webcasts.

Depiction vs. The Snowpocalypse

Depiction user Michael C. in New Jersey was kind enough to let us know of his use of our software during the recent snow storms that slammed the Eastern US (dubbed “Snowpocalypse“):

I am a Red Cross Volunteer and Emergency Management Consultant. I just want to say that your program is extremely useful for situational awareness, planning and for disasters. I am also a part of the Red Cross State Disaster incident response team (DIRT) for NJ. Over the past 2 weeks, we had two snowstorms that affected the entire state. I was responsible for the mapping aspect for the response and reports. I used Depiction for the first time for my report in a real time disaster and received outstanding compliments! I just wanted to let you know how great your product is. Thank you and Please keep up the great work!!

Thanks for the great work you do, Michael. And thanks for sharing your story.

Remember, readers, if you have a depiction to share, you can upload it. And if you have a success story, share it on our forum.

Happy Depicting!