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Depiction University cost reduced from $199.00 to $19.95

For the last several years our Depiction University course has been facilitated by an instructor. They would review assignments and give feedback. Last year we lost our last instructor and have decided that the course is really not cost effective to facilitate at $199.  However, there still is a need for a structured learning experience and so we have decided to remove the instructor but maintain the course materials without the instructor feedback. By doing this we are able to reduce the cost of the course dramatically to $19.95 and bring it into the reach of everyone’s budget. We are announcing this change before we have completely revamped the course materials. So if you purchase DU will may still find references to upload assignments and files and these should be disregarded.  We do encourage course participants to use our Get Satisfaction support page to connect to other DU students and to get feedback.  If you have purchased DU in the past and would like access to the materials again, send an email request to

The New Look of Depiction University

Just in time for the Holiday Season!  If your New Year resolution is to improve your mapping knowledge, or you just have some extra time for training this winter; check out the new format of Depiction University.

Besides the new look, additional features have been added; such as:

  • More options for discussion, asking questions, and reporting issues.
  • Sample Questions – based on those found in the Certified       Depiction User written exam.
  • Instructors’ ‘Office’ – having problems, stop in to see if we’re around or schedule a chat.

To register, visit: – volunteer discounts are available.  A purchase of the training course will get you one full year of access to all 8 modules, including any updates.  Or if you already know the material but would like certification for job hunting, etc. check out the Certified Depiction User Exam Module.

Already a Depiction University student:  we’d love to hear your feedback on the new style.  If your access has yet to expire, please take a moment and return to the university and try out an ‘advanced format’ module.

Depiction University Updated for 1.3

While we designed Depiction to be user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use, it soon became apparent that users wanted more help in learning all the tools available in the software. So we introduced Depiction University in the Fall of 2010. With the release of Depiction 1.3 in May, lots of updating was in order for the DU program, and we are happy to announce that this process is complete. The program includes eight self-paced modules, which a “student” has one year to complete. There is also a special forum on where students can share ideas, provide feedback on the software and DU program, and interact with instructors. And we have designed a special preview module so you can try it out.  Find out more today!

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