We at Depiction were saddened to learn of the passing of John Solomon, who we knew primarily through his blog In Case of Emergency, A Citizens-eye View of Public Preparedness. John’s vision of a prepared citizenry, empowered from the bottom up, meshed perfectly with our own mission of providing tools that can do the empowering, and he was both an inspiration and an influence.

I had what was, I now realize, a precious opportunity to speak to John just a couple months ago to get advice on our plans for National Preparedness month. He was very gracious, supportive, encouraging and helpful. Both from our conversation and from his blog, it was clear to me that the man was a fount of wisdom, one that was cut short far, far too soon. He will be deeply missed.

For more on John’s legacy, please read A Gentle and Life-Saving Legacy – John Solomon by Rich Cooper.

UPDATE: Also read FEMA Administrator Craig Fuguate’s thoughts here.

UPDATE: There’s now an obituary up on John’s blog that you should read.