February 25th Webinar Recording Now Available

If you missed the Depiction 101 session “Getting Started with Depiction – the Basics” you can now watch the recording on our website. You will find it here.

This webinar covered the following topics.

  • How to find info on the Depiction website,
  • Discussion of Add-ons/ Elements/Icons
  • How to ask for assistance or report a problem
  • Review some of the add-ons and icon packs that are available
  • How to download and install the software
  • How to find free data on the internet
  • Discuss some key concepts
  • How to start a depiction and add information to it.
  • Tips, Techniques and Best Practices when using Depiction

New Getting Started with Depiction Webinar announced for Tuesday Feb 25th at noon PST/3pm EST

Please join us on Tuesday February 25th, 2014 at Noon PST/3pm EST for another informative Depiction 101 webinar. Please note the new day of the week and time. With all of the new Red Cross users, we thought this would be a good time to go over some of the Depiction basics again. This will be a great webinar for those new to Depiction and will go over some key concepts and tips on how to best use Depiction and its many features.

Purchasers of Depiction 1.4.3 after 1-1-14 will receive a 75% discount on Version 2 upgrade.

Purchasers of Depiction 1.4.3 after 1-1-14 will receive a 75% discount on Version 2 upgrade. Some folks may think that they want to hold off purchasing 1.4.3 because version of the impending release of Version 2.0. By offering this incentive we hope folks will go ahead and purchase version 1.4.3 and start using the program.  Version 2.0 will operate in basically the same manner but will have increased capabilities and so whatever you learn with 1.4.3 will carry over to version 2.0.

Depiction University cost reduced from $199.00 to $19.95

For the last several years our Depiction University course has been facilitated by an instructor. They would review assignments and give feedback. Last year we lost our last instructor and have decided that the course is really not cost effective to facilitate at $199.  However, there still is a need for a structured learning experience and so we have decided to remove the instructor but maintain the course materials without the instructor feedback. By doing this we are able to reduce the cost of the course dramatically to $19.95 and bring it into the reach of everyone’s budget. We are announcing this change before we have completely revamped the course materials. So if you purchase DU will may still find references to upload assignments and files and these should be disregarded.  We do encourage course participants to use our Get Satisfaction support page to connect to other DU students and to get feedback.  If you have purchased DU in the past and would like access to the materials again, send an email request to support@depiction.com.

Red Cross Webinar now online.

The repeat webinar we did for Red Cross Chapters is now available online. Watch on our website or watch it on YouTube.  This showcases the capabilities of Depiction More than Mapping software.

Depiction Announces Free Software to Red Cross Chapters

This week we announced that we were offering 3 free copies of our Depiction 1.4.3 mapping software along with the Preparedness Add-on  a $660 value to every Red Cross Chapter in the world.  All they have to do is send us an email requesting the software from an official Red Cross email address and information about the chapter they are from and we will send them a coupon code.  We think our software is a great fit for the great work the Red Cross does and realized that because of budget restraints they weren’t always able to take advantage of it. So we decided as a public service we would make this contribution to the Red Cross to help them better serve their communities.  Send your request to richards@depiction.com.

Are you ready for a 9.0 earthquake?

Check out this article about how “Patrick Corcoran’s  job every day is to go out into the world to tell people to prepare to meet their doom. Or, rather, to prepare to escape it.

DepictionPrep.com has been merged with Depiction.com

When we launched DepictionPrep a couple of years ago we created a separate webpage for it but all that really did was create more work for us. So in order to stream line things we have discontinued the DepictionPrep.com site and brought everything to the www.depiction.com website.  If you purchased Prep from the Prep web site and need information about your order please contact us at support@depiction.com.

Interesting Info Graphic about trends in Emergency Management.

Click here to go to webisite that has the info graphic.

Check out this Kickstarter campaign for Piksi

What makes Piksi unique. It implements RTK (Real Time Kinematic) functionality, which makes it 100 times more accurate than a standard GPS receiver – about 4 centimeters of total error. It is low cost – current RTK GPS solutions generally run about $10,000, whereas our complete kit costs $2000. Lastly, Piksi is open source and will be able to connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet running an easy to use data collection app.