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When we launched DepictionPrep a couple of years ago we created a separate webpage for it but all that really did was create more work for us. So in order to stream line things we have discontinued the site and brought everything to the website.  If you purchased Prep from the Prep web site and need information about your order please contact us at

Interesting Info Graphic about trends in Emergency Management.

Click here to go to webisite that has the info graphic.

Check out this Kickstarter campaign for Piksi

What makes Piksi unique. It implements RTK (Real Time Kinematic) functionality, which makes it 100 times more accurate than a standard GPS receiver – about 4 centimeters of total error. It is low cost – current RTK GPS solutions generally run about $10,000, whereas our complete kit costs $2000. Lastly, Piksi is open source and will be able to connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet running an easy to use data collection app.

10 Iphone apps that could save your life.

Here is a link to webpage that describes and links to 10 iPhone apps that could be helpful in an emergency.

Youtube video of the current status of Depiction Version 2.0 Alpha

We are making progress on version 2.0 but I have been saying that for several months.  So just to prove it isn’t vaporware I have posted a video with a short demo of version 2.0.  You can see it here. There is still a long way to go but it is getting there.

Tutorial on how to get and add 10 meter elevation data in to your Depiction Map

Kim Buike, Depiction Board Member and Instructor teaching an on-line Masters course on Depiction Mapping Software for California State University Long Beach, has prepared a tutorial for his class on how to find, download and import into Depiction 10 meter elevation data.  The elevation data currently available through the Depiction Quick Start is 30 meter data.  Having higher resolution elevation data will make the various simulations that Depiction can perform much more accurate.  You can find the tutorial here.

New Webinar Video Now On-Line

David Hancock gave a very informative demonstration of his ICSolution Emergency Management Software on today’s 101 Webinar.  You can watch it here.

Geo-coding Not Working on 1.4.2 Build 12450 or Before – New Build 12522 is Available

If you are running a version of Depiction before 1.4.2 or a version of 1.4.2 with a build number of 12450 or earlier then you are probably getting can’t geo-code errors when you try to start a new Depiction. Our geo-coding service  changed their API and so prior versions of the software no longer will geo-code.  You can find out what version you are running by going to the help menu and choosing about.  You can still start new depictions by entering a starting latitude and longitude.

A new build (12522) is available on the website and can be found here.

Become a Depiction Champion on our GetSatisfaction Forum

Have you visited our Get Satisfaction forum lately? Those in the know use the forum on a regular basis to ask questions, give answers, and participate in great conversations with other Depiction users and the Depiction team! Are you frustrated because you can’t get something to work or you know there is a way to do what you want but you can’t figure it out, well this is the place to ask the question.

Or maybe you are a Depiction user with unique skills — the forum needs you to help newcomers! We welcome your opinions, tips, and recommendations on best practices using Depiction. Maybe you have used Depiction in a unique way. It might be just the thing that someone else is looking to do. Want to ask a question or start a discussion? The forum is a great place to do that, too.

So come on, dig in! If the Depiction team spots you being particularly helpful in the forum, we’ll even make you an official Depiction Champion! We’ll add a sweet badge to your avatar but that’s not all – you’ll also be invited to beta new depiction versions, and if you participate a lot you will be offered free add-ons or discounts on products.

Being helpful could consist of answering someone’s question before the Depiction Team has a chance to, starting a topic to give people great ideas on different uses of Depiction – or anything else that we consider spectacular.

We really do think of Depiction as a community, and we strive every day to make this a great place for all of our map makers. The GetSatisfaction forum is a big part of that, and we’d love to hang out there with you too!

April 24th Webinar Video Now Available

In case you missed the April 24th webinar presented by Russ Deffner on using DepictionPrep and Depiction for personal and family preparedness, the recording is now available on our website and can be found here.