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Another Site Pointing to Data sources by State

The site listed below provides links to state data repositories for download.  You should check out your state and see what is available. It also points to data sources for Canadian Provinces.


New Webinar replay posted – An Introduction to Depiction

In our monthly Depiction Webinar on January 23rd, 2013, Russell Deffner gave a great presentation covering the following topics:

  • What is Depicton?
  • Navigting the Website
  • Exploring the application
  • Building your first depiction
  • Simulation and collaboration

It was a great introduction to Depiction and so if you missed it please check it out.  If you are new to Depiction it is a great basic overview.

You can view it here.

New Depiction Web Site Is Up and Running

We launched the new website last week.  There are still a few things we are working to get updated and hopefully within a week or so everything will be working properly.  As of this date the file download function isn’t working and probably won’t be until July 24th or so.  So if you need to download a file before then please contact us at support@depiction.com to let us know and we will get the file to you another way.  Most of the videos are there to stream but not necessarily to download but we hope to have them all loaded in a week or so also.

We are very pleased how it came out and think with the new drop down menus it should be much easier for visitors to find what they want.  Let us know what you think.