One of the advanced features of Depiction is its ability to bring in data and images from WMS sources.  But   WMS formatting is a bit esoteric and I am still trying to figure it out.  However, I had a customer recently tell me how NexRad ridge radar was very valuable to them. So I started a search on the interenet and I found a couple of promising sites.

There is this site which lists several WMS services.

However of all the sources give I only had success getting one to work so far.”,

If you go to the Add Menu and enter this URL and select WMS and then hit the show content buttons you will get a list of layers.  I chose the first one

I then selected Auto Detect and hit the add button.

And this was the result

Then after a bit more searching, I found this site.

They list several WMS sources but I chose this one and entered the URL in to the add menu.”,

This time I chose the last layer listed and got this image.

It should be noted that all of these images are snapshots as of the time you grab them.  You can continue to grab new snapshots and each one will come in as a separate image in a new revealer.

I as of yet don’t fully understand what all of the layers are.  Maybe some of you that are more familiar with the NEXRAD service can enlighten the rest of us.  I will continue to try and educate myself about WMS and these sources but in the meantime, I thought that those of you that are interested in current weather might be interested in these.  It would be great if any of you could add to this knowledge by making posts to the  support page telling what you found out. Put the info in as an idea.