While we don’t have any near term plans for this, there is a new service, an Ipad app, that might just make it happen.  It isn’t available quite yet but but they are saying it is coming soon.  It will cost you $10 a month but you will get a lot of other things for the $10.  So keep your eye on Onlive (http://desktop.onlive.com/plans)

See this clip below from the New York Times:

OnLive (free) and OnLive Plus ($5 a month) are both brilliantly executed steps forward into the long-promised world of “thin client” computing, in which we can use cheap, low-powered computers to run programs that live online. But the company’s next plans are even more exciting.

For example, the company intends to develop a third service, called OnLive Pro ($10 a month), that will let you run any Windows programs you want. Photoshop, Firefox, Autodesk, games — whatever.

The company still isn’t sure how that will work; somehow, you’ll have to prove that you actually own the software you’re running on its servers. But what a day that will be, when you can run any Windows program on earth on your iPad.