Depiction is easy, affordable everyday software that lets you envision your world in new ways. Whether you are a mapping or geospatial professional, an emergency manager, community volunteer or planner, in minutes you can use its powerful integration, collaboration and simulation tools create and share interactive visual scenarios about your community.

Depiction supports a wide range of GIS file formats, including shapefiles, GML, GPX, WMS, WFS, DEM, ADF and more. Additionally, the software lets users import spreadsheets and data files, and even quickly geoalign scanned paper maps and other images . Depiction’s Quickstart feature automatically retrieves data and imagery from public sources on the web, including OpenStreetMap, NASA, USGS, NOAA and more.

Inspired by its early use in emergency response during Hurricanes Ike and Gustav in 2008, Depiction’s collaborative features enable users to send and receive map elements, directly from Depiction, and to maintain a common operating picture with multiple users anywhere in the world. Additionally, Depiction can receive near-realtime alerts and reports from emails or web form submissions.

Designed to put geospatial simulation tools in the hands of non-programmers, Depiction includes multiple simulation elements, including floods, plumes, runoff, line of sight and more. Additionally, all Depiction map elements are dynamic and interactive, regardless of their source. Floods disable buildings, barriers block planned routes—that automatically reroute—and users can even create their own elements and interactions.

At only $199 per copy, Depiction is an indispensible part of any GIS toolkit. Visit to  purchase, download, install and begin using Depiction today.