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June 24th Webinar video on using Shapefiles now available.

The June 24th Webinar on using Shapefiles with Depiction is now available here.

You can download the powerpoint .pdf used in the webinar here.

You can download the American Fact Finder quick user guide here.

I learned something from this webinar. In the past when editing the exported csv from a shapefile, I always used a spreadsheet program but there is a problem with this method in many cases because complex shapes will create more lat/long sets than can be contained in a single cell. This messes up the file and those shapes won’t be reimported.  However, a webinar attendee suggested using a text editor to edit it.  Not sure why I hadn’t thought of it but that solves the problem.  And since you are only changing one field in the first row from “some property name” to “EID” it is pretty simple to do.

May 28th Webinar recording now available.

The May 28th webinar which was a demo and Q&A about the Depiction version 2.0 is now available and can be found here.