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How to create your own background tiler.

A few weeks back I posted how a German fire department was using Depiction.  He had discovered a way to take maps and make them into background tiles.  He has written a paper on how he did that and has graciously allowed me to share it. You can find it here.

A user story.

Recently a long term Depiction user wrote to me how she was using Depiction.  She uses it for a variety of different and unusual reasons and just shows how flexible Depiction is and as she points out is ‘more than mapping”.

I am not a GIS expert. The concept of a story was puzzling to me and using maps was just as puzzling. After I retired I wanted to write stories about my family and activities. At first I thought I needed to have a file with a name for my stories. After using Depiction for awhile I found that using maps was far better as one can remember much easier the people in the story by the places they have lived at or been to. I can insert pictures and copy large amounts of information into my Depictions. I can use Depiction for my personal preparedness which is always there when I want to access it because the information is saved in a Depiction on my computer. I can use Depiction to plot out locations and scenarios when I see major news stories. I find it much easier to add a location as Depiction places the location directly on the map.

With Malaysia Flight 370 in the news, I used Depiction to follow what was going on. It was so much easier than using the online maps which are too “busy” for me. Since I already had the Depiction on Flight 370 saved to my computer, I did not have to recreate the maps again which made it much easier to follow. I could just open up my Depiction each day and add information. Using the coordinates and locations given on the news, I was able to follow along to see what was going on and make my guess as to where the plane was. With the elements available I was able to key in important information. Using the Route elements I was able to see the distance involved which helped to see where the plane might be located.

Depiction is more than Mapping. It is fun to create maps, write notes, and visualize what could happen in familiar surroundings. It is like a game for me sometimes such as searching for treasures. I have used Depiction work on contests for locating treasures. All the info I key is right there and I can continue again without having to take notes again as they are already there which has saved an enormous amount of time. I can use Depiction as an address book. I just key in names, addresses and other info and I know where it is because it is in the location my Depiction is saved so I don’t forget. Using my home address to start I put in addresses for people all over. I just key in an address and Depiction locates it for me. I then use the element properties for keying in all the information.

Now I am retired and look forward to using Depiction for writing my stories! I hope all of you that are using Depiction,  enjoy it as much as I do.