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Email from a German Fire Department using Depiction

Hi Richard,

I want to give you some information of our first “proof of ability” of the Depiction software we bought some time ago.

The county Freudenstadt (115 055 inhabitants, 870.68 km² area)

did a region wide exercise with a simulated winter storm event.

The proposed situation was that a winter storm with heavy snowfall and strong wind crossed the county.

Rising temperatures and beginning rain complicated the situation.

The local fire brigades are confronted with flooded roads and cellars, damaged buildings, traffic accidents and so on.

The dispatchers of the rescue coordination center (red cross/fire dept.) were faced with over 560 calls for help during the 5h exercise.

Over 850 firemen were sent out to help the resident population.

The fire brigade from Dornstetten used the Depiction software to manage the 36 events in their municipal area.

The incoming tasks were put into the depiction and geolocated automatically.

We used a user created element for representing a tasks location.

The ongoing state of such a task was shown by different colors.

Red: -new alert

Yellow: -work in progress

Green: -work done

The vehicles assigned to that tasks, were placed at the task areas location, when the message from the crew came to our local headquarter, that they start their work there.

So we were able to keep control over our resources and open tasks without any problem.

Our mobile command center was used as telecommunication center. All decisions were taken in the so called “Führungshaus”.

This was installed in our fire station. There we run the depiction software on a laptop with a connected beamer to have an actual operation picture available.

A second Depiction application in our mobile command center was updated via the Live Report function.

So the guys in the field were informed about the ongoing efforts nearly in real time.

This was the first time we used Depiction under real life crisis conditions and it worked like we expected.

Best regards,

Frank Ruegner

March 18th Webinar video now available online

The Depiction 101 webinar presented by Russel Deffner about his time working in Mongolia with the OpenStreetMap Humanitarian Team.  You can find it here on our webiste or here on YouTube.