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Depiction Version 1.4.2 (Build 12422) now available for download

We have released the latest build of Depiction and it is now available for download on your user page on the website and through the update option within Depiction.

Depiction 1.4.2RC (build 12341) is now available for download.

We are making this Release Candidate available on the website for download.  Log in to your account and you can download it from there.  At the present time, using the updater from within Depiction, won’t download this version.  This version is very solid but there are so many possibilities and combinations to test that we would like to see it field tested a bit more before we finalize the release. So if you are uncomfortable with using a RC version then you can wait until the official version comes out. This version will write over your current 1.4 version.
If you would be willing to download it and install it and give us your feedback on any problems you find we would appreciate it. If you don’t see the file on your downloads page  send us an email at and we will add it.Some of the download permissions didn’t get converted in the website conversion last month.


  • Emails sent from LiveReports can now be sent with a tag. This allows the Live Report reader to filter emails and only select those that are relevant to the Live Report session. These tags will also be added to the element tags. See more details about this below.
  • The ‘Fwd:’ is now parsed out of Live Report emails.
  • ‘Location’ can now be used by Live Reports as a position property.
  • Interaction dialog can now disable/enable all available interactions.
  • Addition of the place of worship element and icon.
  • Fix for new geocoder source.

Bug Fixes:

  • Live report emails are now processed in the order in which they are received by the source email address.
  • Live reports sessions now only update elements from emails that have not been processed.
  • Depiction no longer becomes minimized after user opens and closes the element icon change dialog.

The new tag feature:

The new tag feature for LiveReports allows you to screen incoming emails and only read those that have the specific tag. These tags will aslo be added as tags to the element so that within manage and display you will be able  to list the elements by these tags as well. The format is //DT{tag1,tag2,tag3}// and this has to be at the end of the subject line.

When you set up your LiveReports email account you can specify a “required tag” and if the program doesn’t find this tag on the email it won’t read it in.

We have had some customers that have had concerns about spam being read into their live reports sessions and this is one way to eliminate reading those or any other emails that you don’t want to bring in.

Another use would be if you wanted to use the same email account for a series of different depictions. By using the tag field you could just get the emails you wanted into a specific Depiction.

When you send an element from within Depiction there is a field for you to enter a tag.