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New Depiction Web Site Is Up and Running

We launched the new website last week.  There are still a few things we are working to get updated and hopefully within a week or so everything will be working properly.  As of this date the file download function isn’t working and probably won’t be until July 24th or so.  So if you need to download a file before then please contact us at to let us know and we will get the file to you another way.  Most of the videos are there to stream but not necessarily to download but we hope to have them all loaded in a week or so also.

We are very pleased how it came out and think with the new drop down menus it should be much easier for visitors to find what they want.  Let us know what you think.

APRS Live 1.4 Beta

There is now a beta version of APRSLive for 1.4.  If you have purchased APRSLive then the install zip file should be available for download on your account on the web site.  If it isn’t there let us know and we will add it.  Contact us at

This is still a beta but it has been tested by several users in the field.  If you find any problems or have ideas for enhancements email