Just in time for the Holiday Season!  If your New Year resolution is to improve your mapping knowledge, or you just have some extra time for training this winter; check out the new format of Depiction University.

Besides the new look, additional features have been added; such as:

  • More options for discussion, asking questions, and reporting issues.
  • Sample Questions – based on those found in the Certified       Depiction User written exam.
  • Instructors’ ‘Office’ – having problems, stop in to see if we’re around or schedule a chat.

To register, visit: www.depiction.com/university – volunteer discounts are available.  A purchase of the training course will get you one full year of access to all 8 modules, including any updates.  Or if you already know the material but would like certification for job hunting, etc. check out the Certified Depiction User Exam Module.

Already a Depiction University student:  we’d love to hear your feedback on the new style.  If your access has yet to expire, please take a moment and return to the university and try out an ‘advanced format’ module.