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Welcome to Hurricane Coast!

We at Depiction are very pleased to announce today that Hurricane Coast is joining the company as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. All sorts of excellent details are in the official announcement. Hurricane was previously the program manager of the Open Initiative at MapQuest, has served as Community Ambassador at Cloudmade, and is currently a member of the OpenStreetMap foundation and the State of the Map 2011 organizing committee. She has been a contributor to OpenStreetMap since 2008.

We first met Hurricane last fall, when she joined us for an OpenStreetMap and Depiction webinar, and sat down for a Depiction Perspectives interview. We’re very glad that she’s going to be putting her considerable talents behind Depiction.

Hurricane Biz – an online tabletop business continuity webinar

Hurricane BizOn September 13, Depiction, Inc. and the Disaster Resistant Communities Group, two of the companies behind the Formidable Footprint series of national neighborhood tabletop exercises, are offering businesses in hurricane-prone regions an opportunity to assess the capabilities and capacity of their disaster response plan in regards to a hurricane.

During the exercise, management and staff will have the opportunity to work together as a unified disaster response team. The team will work through the various activities associated with preparing for, then responding to and recovering from, a category two hurricane. Whether you have a disaster plan in place that you want to assess, or if you are looking for a compelling reason develop one, “Hurricane Biz” will provide you with both the tools and experience to help you reach your goal.

The exercise will be facilitated online using the ON-Line eXercise (ONX) System, and will also make use of Depiction’s mapping capabilities to help businesses better create plans that take their unique geographic location into account. To learn more, visit

Mapping Employees with Depiction

The Small Business Add-on is an easy way to get started using Depiction for business purposes, from strategic planning to business continuity and more. We’ve put together a new tutorial on how to use the Small Business Add-on to map employees–though you can follow the same instructions to map employees without the add-on, or to map anything in a spreadsheet, not just employees!
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