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Enroll in ‘Depiction University’

This summer, Depiction Customer Engagement Director Kim Buike taught a couple courses in Depiction. Based on the curriculum he developed, we are starting “Depiction University,” an 8-week course that will help Depiction users, from novice to experienced, become proficient and confident in their use of the broad array of features and capabilities of Depiction. Those who complete the course will receive the designation “Certified Depiction User.”

The syllabus is now available, and it goes over all the topics that will be covered in the course, from basic things like the Depiction menus, to advanced topics like “geocommunication” and using Depiction for tabletop exercises.

There are a limited number of spots available, and they are filling up quite rapidly, so if you’re interested you should register today!

Emergency managers to share tech & Depiction tips

Our next National Preparedness Month webinar is for those folks right on the front lines of preparedness, emergency managers. But we at Depiction know that we’re not the experts on emergency management, so instead of just putting something together ourselves, we have invited three emergency managers who are also Depiction users to share there thoughts in a panel discussion. They’ll be talking about how they use Depiction as well as other technology tools in order to do their jobs more effectively.

Peter Lamb has 30 years fire service experience, and currently serves as Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director of the Town of North Attleboro in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Gordon McCraw is the Director of Emergency Management for Tillamook County, which has been described by the former Director of Oregon Emergency Management as Oregon’s most disaster rich county.

Alan Woodward has worked as an analyst for the Emergency Operations Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory for 8 years. He supports emergency response and training activities and conducts consequence assessments for hazardous material release scenarios. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree and has published several peer-reviewed articles on the application of GIS. Currently he is working on developing the GIS program to support time-urgent emergency response objectives for Los Alamos emergency operations.

To register for this webinar, “Preparedness Technology Empowering Emergency Managers”, click here.

Preparedness Technology Empowering Emergency Managers

Mapping Your Neighborhood video

One of the great ways people can use Depiction during National Preparedness Month is in mapping key people and locations in their neighborhood to prepare for a disaster. Watch the video below, and then register for next Wednesday’s webinar to learn more!

YouTube Preview Image

Depiction and National Preparedness Month 2010

National Preparedness Month is a monthly reminder to all of us that we need to prepare ourselves–our homes, businesses, communities, families and more–for disasters. During September, we’re going to be running at least six different webinars to help people do this.

Though they’ll be using Depiction, they won’t just be product demos–the webinars, some by Depiction staff, some by Depiction users–will show you actual concrete ways that people are using the software to prepare, and how you can do the same. Each of the webinars is targeted at the tasks of some specific groups, but we hope you’ll attend as many as you can.

Full details are available here, but here’s the list: