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Three New Tutorial Videos

The tireless Kim Buike has put together three new tutorial videos that are really excellent–if you own the software, you really should take the time to watch these, as it will enhance your understanding of the software even if you’ve used it for a while. If you don’t own Depiction, you should still take a look–they give a good demonstration of Depiction’s powerful capabilities.

First up is “Depiction Elements Explained,” which goes through the different types of elements that make up a depiction.

“Route Elements Explained” gives a great overview of the way Depiction route elements function.

Finally, “Elevation Data Retrieval” outlines how you can easily retrieve high resolution elevation data from the USGS website and import it into Depiction.

“As valuable as the radios we use”

Doug Carter, the Emergency Coordinator for Crown District ARES in Florida, has a really fantastic post about how his group is using their copies of Depiction. He gives a great overview of the software and how his groups are implementing it, but here’s the part I liked best:

First let me just say that this software should be in the tool chest of every EmComm group. This software is as useful to our execution as the Radios we use. Depiction software is a one stop shop for the planning, deployment and execution of any event or exercise. In a single Depiction a full graphical plan can be developed to take care of every aspect of an event or exercise.

When a ham says that something is as valuable as their radios, I think you’d better pay attention!

Depiction and Public Service Webinar tomorrow

When Dennis Conklin, AI8P, AEC for Summit County ARES in Ohio, was tasked with coordinating situational awareness for the American Diabetes Association’s “Tour de Cure” this summer, he wanted to go beyond the paper and pencil methods he had used in the past. He turned to Depiction mapping and simulation software to get the job done.

Dennis told us that “in past years, I never felt I had the level of situational awareness I desired. This year, with everything mapped in Depiction, I was much more aware of exactly what was going on and what the implications were.” He’ll have more to say, too–tomorrow, Dennis will present the webinar “Depiction and Public Service Events” at 7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT.

In the webinar, Conklin will share how he used Depiction to quickly combine spreadsheets of stations, rest stops and shelters with street maps, topo maps and aerial imagery, and how he took his “depiction” into the field where it enabled him to keep track of events as they happened—visually, and without Internet access. We hope you can make it!

Mike on the Doctor Prepper Show

Have a listen below, then sign up for tomorrow’s webinar “Technology for Personal Preparedness“.

Depiction & Personal Preparedness

Tomorrow, July 22, Depiction President & founder Mike Geertsen will present the free webinar ‘Technology for Personal Preparedness,’ in which he will describe the ways that recent (and not so recent!) advances in technology can assist us all in preparing our homes & families for disaster. Depiction, naturally, will feature largely in these ways! Everyone who attends will also receive a free copy of Mike’s eBook “Technology for Personal and Family Preparedness.”

If you want a preview of tomorrow’s webinar, tonight Mike will be on the Doctor Prepper online radio show, starting at 5 PM PDT/8PM EDT.

Depiction Update Available, Other News

Depiction version 1.2.2b is now available. Users can run the Depiction Update program or download and install the update manually.

One of the main fixes in this update is connections to two of our imagery sources, NAIP and MSRMaps (TerraServer). Some users may have seen white tiles in the background of their depictions from these sources. To replace those tiles in the depiction cache, run one of our new batch files, available here. Also available is an OpenStreetMap cache clearing batch file, which will be useful if you have updated that source.

The update also allows APRS Live Add-on users to start the add-on while Depiction is offline.

In other news, we will be repeating the Depiction 101: Revelears & Live Reports webinar on Wednesday, July 21 at 2:30pm Pacific. Click the title to register. The 7/14 session was well attended, but didn’t get recorded. You’ll find my outline in our knowledgebase.

Thanks for the continued support! Happy Depicting!

New NAIP imagery coming

Later this week, a new Depiction update will be available. In addition to a few bug fixes, this version will also give access to new NAIP imagery–the updates to that source are newer, better colors and in some cases higher resolution as well. I thought I’d give a quick preview of what is coming.

Old NAIP imagery:

New NAIP imagery:

The older imagery had some things going for it, but to my eye the new stuff is much more pleasant to look at (not to mention more recent and more accurate!).

Webinar for hospital and healthcare emergency managers

Today’s webinar for hospital and healthcare emergency managers, “Preparing for the Unexpected Disaster”, went very well–well enough that we hope to do another, similar webinar in the future. In the meantime, you can click here to watch the recording of today’s webinar, and find key online resources as well.

Latest User Manual Available

We did a revision of the Depiction User Manual–there’s an index now, some additional information about Live Reports, and various corrections and clarifications. Click here to download the PDF (7 Mb) for free.

We’ve heard from a few users interested in purchasing a printed copy, and we’re working on it!