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“Technology for Personal Preparedness” recording available

Last night’s ‘Personal Preparedness Technology‘ webinar with Mike Geertsen was great. Mike looked at three key trends that are changing the way that families, individuals and communities can prepare for disaster, and showed how Depiction can be used to build in-depth emergency preparedness plans. The video of the webinar is now available online, along with an online preview of the depiction Mike used during the presentation.

And, if you persevere to the end of the recording, there’s a special discount available this week only!

Guest Post on American Preppers Network

Over the weekend, we had a guest post go up at the American Preppers Network blog. Oddly enough, though, the best part of the post was not what we wrote, but the introduction from the site’s proprietor Tom Martin, who I had the chance to do a demo for last week:

I’d like everyone to take a look at Depiction. Now APN doesn’t receive any financial compensation for this promotion. We are bringing this information to you because I think this is something that’s definitely worth having and something APN plans to get ourselves.

Imagine being able to put together disaster models like the big boys do but with software that’s affordable for the average person. I had the opportunity to see a demo of this program in action and I can definitely say this; “this is Pretty Cool!”

Even if you lose grid power and connection to the web, as long as you are able to know where the disaster is located and the scope of the damage, you are able to plan your evacuation or bug out plans using your home computer or laptop and map out your disaster plan with Depiction.

If you’d like to see a demo similar to what I did for Tom, our President & founder Mike Geertsen is doing a webinar tomorrow evening entitled “Technology for Personal Preparedness” that I hope you can attend.

Depiction User Manual now available

Users have been asking for this for a while, and we’re happy to now have it ready. The Depiction User Manual is now available for download. Clocking in at just over 100 pages and just under 7 mb, the manual is chock full of incredibly useful information about how to get the most from Depiction. Learn about CSV import (page 20), revealers (page 43), Live Reports (page 60), and much, much more.

Depiction as a Personal Preparedness Tool

Depiction is used extensively by both professionals and volunteers in emergency management, disaster planning, emergency communications and more. One of the great things about Depiction, though, is that it allows anyone–even an everyday person concerned only with preparing their family and property–to create interactive scenarios that can help them get ready.

To talk more about this, our President & founder Mike Geertsen was on the Doctor Prepper show last night. You can listen to the show below (which includes news about a special discount).

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Later on, on Tuesday, May 25, Mike will be giving a webinar called “Technology for Personal Preparedness,” that will go more in depth on Depiction as a personal preparedness tool.

We’ll keep our new preparedness page,, up to date with resources on this topic, so drop by often!

Depiction on the Doctor Prepper Show

Tonight at 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT, Depiction, Inc. President & Founder Mike Geertsen will be on the Blog Talk Radio show ‘Doctor Prepper,’ discussing technologies for personal disaster preparedness in general, and Depiction in particular.

Former Microsoft manager and current entrepreneur Mike Geertsen, through his start-up company Depiction, Inc. has created a cutting-edge software application that can be an amazing tool in any prepper’s virtual toolbox. Mike will explain the origins of the Depiction product from his experiences in the Microsoft simulation group, and describe the features of this new technology that now allows any of us to quickly “depict” the potential impact of disasters on our neighborhoods.

More details here, and you can listen live here tonight–or to the recorded version afterward.

And if you are listening live, you can follow along with Mike as he does a live demo of Depiction during the show!

New Sharing Option on a LAN

He’s on a roll: the same user Tim mentioned recently who has installed Depiction in his mobile communications unit, has now found a utility that easily allows one to share Depiction’s common operating picture on your LAN (local area network). Here is his description from our forum:

“broadcast” my Common Operating Picture to other folks attached to the LAN(s) within my commo truck, my evil mind has found a simple, $20 solution called TightProjector (from the TightVNC folks): is a free download with a 20-minutes-at-a-time demo mode; registration is $20 for a single copy, $99 for a site license. Pretty reasonable.

Thanks for sharing! This looks like a great solution for anyone on a network who just wants to see the Depiction on their computer. If one wants to contribute to the picture and have a local set of data and simulations, however, they still need Depiction.

Depiction at EMCOMMWEST

We’ve had a great day at EMCOMMWEST–there is a lot of excitement here about Depiction, and the capabilities that it gives to ordinary people. We’ve enjoyed meeting a lot of Depiction users, old and new. Tomorrow morning, Kim is giving a presentation entitled “Amateur Radio Bringing New Technology to EOCs,” and then afterward will be doing a two-hour workshop for Depiction users (current and future!) to help make them Depiction power users.
Kim introduces some folks to Depiction