I have had a few questions lately about the quality of our imagery and maps. There is some confusion on how Depiction handles maps and imagery, actually. When you select a map or image source in the Quickstart Data list, you are getting a static image at the zoom level of your depiction area. If you’re using 1.01.n, they will be put into Revealers and you will still be able to see the active map or image source you’ve selected for your background in the lower left corner of the Depiction screen. If you don’t have “N” yet, I highly recommend you run the Update program from the Help menu or the Depiction folder on your Windows Start Menu.

The background map or imagery is a live feed from a web server that changes as you zoom in and out, so that it will get better as you go in: not fuzzy as when you have a static image. Depiction also stores all of the tiles in a cache file, so the more you zoom and move around in a given area, the faster the performance will be.

I will add some images later, and I hope this will help clarify things for anyone reading.

Happy Depicting!
Depiction Support Manager